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    XChat 2.4.3 Install Error

    I'm fairly new to Linux. I've installed it before, but always shared my disk with Windows, and at present, I've becomed very disillusioned with it. I installed Mandriva LE, and am currently stocking up with whatever I need that didn't come packaged (according to the installs I've attempted since).

    So here's my error:

    *** Could not run GLIB test program, checking why...
    *** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for the
    *** exact error that occured. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly installed.
    configure: error: "Cannot find glib
    This comes during the ./configure command.

    I have since installed Glib 2.6.0, and that went wonderfully (the quickly scrolling lines of compiler verbalization filled we with love for it's inherent honesty). Any ideas? I've perused the documentation, and found nothing else but a request to have a higher version that 2.3. I'm thinking it's something wrong with how I installed Glib -- perhaps I didn't register it correctly with Linux. Are there some environmental variables I need to set?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Did you run ldconfig after the install?
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    Are you speaking of ldconfig as far as XChat goes, or Glib? I couldn't find an executable file by that name in Glibs directory, and I haven't been able to overcome the ./configure command in the case of XChat.

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    Scratch that last question, and thanks for you help. I probably should have searched for ldconfig before asking, and for that, I apologize. I found it in sbin, which means that it was only a commandline away.

    Again, I appreciate you help.

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    Actually, I take that back. Sorry. I ran ldconfig, and nothing changed. I set the environmental variables recommended by the Glib help file and reinstalled it, and still nothing. Then, I manually added an entry reflecting the /lib path of my Glib installation to the file, and still nothing (this was odd, since I noticed no slide in either direction, positive or otherwise). What I'm not entirely understanding is if I'm missing something completely out there, or if it's something simple that I'm just overlooking.

    I've since reread the XChat INSTALL file, which is, at the very least, a lean piece of documentation. Upon reviewing the config.log, I found no other consistent error, save the "Glib not found" issue. I'm fully prepared to install another IRC client simply for temporary access, though at this juncture, I couldn't care less if there are superior clients to it. I've now built a new religion around getting XChat to install correctly, if for no other reason than to expedite my personal crusade.

    I would appreciate any and all input.

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