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    this is worse than choosing toothpaste....

    ok... i suspect the anser probably is here somewhere and if i would just look <for another week or so> i would find it.... so i'm sorry for just blurting my question out without searching every concievable resource beforehand...

    my problem is this...
    i have 2 computers... one is female.. the other is male...
    they will ping each other <ie... recognize the other is there>
    but they won't talk to each other...
    no matter how much i try to persuade them

    i'm sure they are a good match <for the beginnings of a network family>

    but i'm lost

    all i get is....

    "Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"

    i've printed so much stuff off that i thought would help that i'm almost out of ink....

    i just want to make a network...

    thanks for reading this far and enjoy the sunshine...
    <something i'm suspecting people that get lost in linux don't see much of... ? haha>


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    Re: this is worse than choosing toothpaste....

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew^^^
    "Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"
    How are you trying to connect between machines? ftp? ssh? telnet?

    Sounds to me you may not have each machine setup with the correct client and server software.

    In Fedora run from the command line...

    And see from the list if the proper daemons are running. If not, check the boxes and start them. Then try again...

    If they are running, you may not have the correct ports open. Find "Security" in your menu list and make sure the proper ports are open for telnet, ssh or ftp, whichever...

    I'm not sure in Mandrake anymore, but find "services" somewhere in the Mandrake Control Center, and activate the daemons in the same way. I can't remember where you go to open ports in Mandrake but I'm pretty sure, "Security" is in the Mandrake Control Center as well.
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    After much persuasion on getting my 2 computers to talk to each other, I figured out that a firewall was getting in the way. It seems to be the problem here. Let them get drunk, that should help
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