Hello, I have used linux from 2-3 months. I still have Ubuntu on my notebook. I bought a new PC (desktop) and I have noticed that the cursor slows down in ubuntu when I open (or install) any applications or upgrade the system. I have tried Xandros, it was even worse. Fedora slows down just like Ubuntu. I have tried Mandriva 2005: amazing! It never slows down, is fast and it recognizes all my peripherals.

The only problem is with the Internet connection. My computer is connected to a LAN through a switch and a router modem (ADSL ethernet) Netgear 834 so as to share files with my notebook (it has Ubuntu installed but I hardly ever turn it on ) and my father's PC with Winxp pro.

On all the distros I have tried the ADSL works perfectly.
With Mandriva: I open Firefox (it works), then I go to some websites and after 1 - 2 minutes it does not load the pages any more and if I open network monitor it says it not connected (no results if I try to connect, I have to restart xserver to make it work again, for two more minutes then it dies again).

My computer is a Compaq Presario 1429IT, here's the link to a list of its peripherals:


Moreover I added an other giga of RAM and 1 harddisk ATA Maxtor 120gb (where I have mandriva) (on the other one I have Winxp, as it is impossible to install any linux distro to it, as it is serial Ata and it is not detected)

Can help me, please? This problem is quite annoying.