hi... I already try to get this **** to work since... a long time... and I have to give up =(

so here is the prob:

there are two boxes, one with winxp and one (my own) with mandrake... and one adsl connection. since the winxp box is used more often, it has the direct connection (sry for my kinda funneh english) and the box with mandrake is connected to this one over LAN. the winxp box shares the internet connection and when I'm logged in with winxp (winxp <-> winxp) it works fine.

but if I boot mandrake still teh network worxx fine, but there is no chance to connect to the internet. configuring the IP of the winxp box as gateway doesn't work and everything else I tried works in the same way... I doesn't change anything

if I can connect directly to my provider (if the winxp box is outta use and I can put the ethernet cable into my own NIC) there isn't any problem at all...

This suxx, and I'm not that crack to figure this out on my own... So tell me (if you have any idea) WHAT I have to change WHERE so this will work

if you have any questions about my actual settings/hardware/etc ask, I wouldn't know what of this I should post here

thx a lot ^^

edit: everyone having trouble with winxp <-> linux networks I find says his INTERNETCONNECTION works fine, but the network doesn't ... this is crazy =(