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    Need Help with Intel 2200bg card on Mandrake 10.2 (2005 LE)

    hey everyone,

    this is my first post on here, but please rest assured that i've scoured the net for 3 days trying to find help on this. in fact, i've found several supposed fixes for this problem -- none seem to help though. it might be that i am too noob to do them properly, or that i screwed something up royally.

    anyway, here is what's going on. i have a laptop that is dual booting winxp pro and mandrake 10.2 (2005 le). it is a 1.8ghz centrino with an intel wireless 2200bg card. all of my hardware seems to be detected perfectly except the wireless card.

    in my 3rdparty folder there was an ipw2200 folder but some instructions from told me to get rid of that crap and install theirs. that didn't work either. i have also tried the ndiswrapper to use my winxp (and the win2k after that didn't work) inf's. i also tried using driverloader, from, but i didn't quite understand what was going on with that either.

    i'm really, REALLY trying to ditch windows but if i can't get my wireless card working, i probably can't make the switch. if anyone has any help for a total n00b i would be really grateful

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    I'm almost in the same situation you are and in my searches for help, I stumbled across a few websites last night that I think are more relevant to your situation than mine. They said that the main problem with network cards is linux incompatibility. If your system doesn't recognize the card, that doesn't sound good. If I were you, I'd do a little research and find a compatible card to buy a replacement...something that comes from a company that has developed linux drivers for their product.

    For example, here is a list of nics:
    (Above link from this page: )

    If I were in your shoes, I would do a search for "linux compatible wireless network card" or something of the sort and go from there. You may find that yours can be made compatible with a little tweeking, or an inexpensive alternative. Good luck!!

    I hope this helps.

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