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    Is it possible to install mandriva from a folder

    My problem is my laptop dont have cd rom or floppy drive and i want to install linux as the second OS. Is it possible?

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    First big problem is, to do a proper Linux system, you need some disk space that is formatted for Linux. I don't know how you could do that without having Linux running on your system. I think that the only way you will be able to get Linux on your laptop is to either move your hard drive to another box temporarily (you will need the adapter kit) or connect an external drive to your computer: either an external USB hard drive or key or an external parallel port floppy drive.

    For a less-than-proper Linux, for a bit of an introduction, anyways, you could install to a DOS partition with a umsdos filesystem: check the Slackware website, maybe versions 8.0 and 8.1

    No promises, but maybe you could create a native Linux filesystem using your umsdos filesystem Linux:
    1. repartition with a Windows utility: partition magic or something to create (3) new partitions
    2. Install a minimal Slackware system with umsdos filesystem in your first new partition and using the second new partition for swap
    3. format the third new partition as native Linux.
    4. Download necessary files from internet: use umsdos system or use Windows to download into umsdos system
    5. Install to the third parttion
    6. Boot new proper Linux system, using swap parttion previously created and finally, reformat the umsdos filesystem for population with Linux applications: make it the /usr partition.

    Most users where you are would give up before long.
    Now why is it that you don't have either CD drive OR floppy drive???
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    Is it possible to install linux OS while the XP Os is running.

    My laptop had two hard drive one is internal, one is a removable drive in a drive bay. Both of them are 25 Gb the removable drive is unpartition and unmounted on windows XP I was able to save all files of mandriva linux on a folder (ntfs) on the active OS. What i want is if i can install the linux OS while the XP OS is running.

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    About why i dont have CD or floppy.

    The cost of the CD drive for my laptop is so expensive and am cutting cost ($80) for the combo drive. My laptop is an Inspiron 7500 am not sure if the Mandriva 10.1 support Pentium III cpu's but i want to try it. I was able to copy all the files from the mandriva CD to folder in my laptop.

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