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    mandriva installation problem


    I'm trying to install linux mandriva 2005 LE from a dvd but I can't
    I've made a boot floppy but can't continue
    I get the following error: CDROM device not found
    then I need to give kernel parameters for drivers
    I have absolutely no idea what that means
    Could someone please explain to me what to do in english
    I'm really a newbie and don't understand computerterms

    Many thanks in advance

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    can't you just boot from the DVD?

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    no, if i could boot from the dvd i wouldn't have needed a floppy O_o

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    Problem Installing Madriva 10.0

    Hi, I have the same problem trying to install Madriva Linux.

    I boot from the CDRom and a Message of hda: lost interrupt appear then the installation process preceed but I get the message of CDRom drive not found!!!

    What can I do???????

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    Heys.. I had the same problem.. anyway I've found out how to solve it by accident.. here's what you do.

    1. Use rawwrite to create a bootdisk ( this is the bootdisk for mandrake 10.1)

    2. When you reboot your computer, insert the bootdisk, and a rubbish CD, it can be any CD like a song CD or something ( in my case, it was the mandrake 9.0 CD)

    3. The Program won't read anything from that CD, and next it will ask you which CD rom drive is the installion CD in, or where else it can find the CD

    4. In the list given there should be an option with your CD/DvD rom's drive name in it. Choose that.

    5. The installation program will tell you that the rubbish CD you inserted is not a mandrake 10.1 installation CD and will ask you to replace it.

    6. Remove the rubbish CD from the CD rom, and insert your 10.1 installation CD and now press "yes"

    your installation should proceed... hope this helps

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