Trying to make the ndiswrapper-0.7 and failing

make -C driver install
make[1]:Entering Directory /root/ndiswrapper-0.7/driver'
make -C /lib/modules/ SUBDIRS=/root/ndiswrapper-0.7/driver DRV_VERSION=0.7 modules
make[2]:Entering directory '/lib/modules/'
make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'modules'. Stop
make[2]: Leaving directory '/lib/modules/'
make[1]: *** [default] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory 'root/ndiswrapper-0.7/driver'
make: *** [install] Error 2

I downloaded the ndiswrapper from the usual place sourceforge and when I run the command make install I get the above error. I am running Mandrake 10.1 on a Dell Lattitude C610 and am attempting to get a WPC54g linksys wireless PCMCIA card to work.