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    installing mandrkelinux 10.1

    I downloaded mandrakelinux 10.1 from the internet. I have a a MimiBoot Disk and three other disk. I ran the Mini Boot Disk and as far as I can tell it loaded properly. First base is not bad for a start.
    The problem is I am a total vigin (to Linux) groping in the dark and second base looks like it is out of sight.
    So, how do I get the data on the disk 2nd, 3rd and home run disk on to my system. I would so like to loose my virgirnity (Linux that is,I am not a complete lumux).
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Calvin

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    The three disks by themseleves should be sufficient to install Mandrake.
    The first disk, the mini-boot disk, I am not sure if thatis a net-intall disk or if it is a disk to jumpstart the installation.

    Just try to boot with what you are calling the 2nd disk.

    Look on this site, there is only three iso's.
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    I think that budman 7 has "hit the nail on the head".

    I've not had to use the "mini boot disc" facility before, because I've always been able to boot the system for installation purposes from the first CD, which normally would carry the main install apps/packages.

    I understood, that the mini boot disc was for when you couldn't boot a system from a CD (which can sometimes be got round with miniboot discs and other methods AFAIK - I may be wrong in that).

    Normally, you should be able to boot the system from the first disc, which just installs the main system and some packages, then you'd be prompted to put the next disc in for the rest of the packages. The 3rd disc usually contains any packages that "they" couldn't get on the second one and the source packages.

    I'd suggest that you try to boot from the first disc. You may have to go into your BIOS settings to change the boot order, so that your system will boot from a CD. That often seems to work OK.

    Thats my 2 pence worth, hopefully it will help you some!



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