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    Glad I could actually help on a Linux help forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabin
    Firefox is compiled with a not so old version of gcc, version 3.2.3. I can't even tell you what gcc is (heck, it must be related to the C language),
    It's a C language compiler, which you probably know means that it takes C code and translates (compiles) it into machine-readable modules (which I think are also referred to as binaries). There are other C compilers out there, but gcc seems to be the default one for Mandrake, and I think Red Hat as well, at least up to RH9. gcc is used for way more things then just developing C programs, and seems pretty crucial to any install of Linux. I'm don't yet understand gcc's full role within the OS, but I know you need it when you're installing programs from source files (not from RPMs).

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    Thanks for the clarifications, Seren

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    gcc is the GNU Compiler Collection. Generally, you will need it to compile any packages from source.

    Many programs that are less popular will not have Mandriva RPMs; these programs you will need to compile from the source. If you download a program archive with a *.tar.gz or *.tar.bz2 extension, it is probably a source package that will need to be compiled by gcc.

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