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    "nvidia : multiple versions in Dkms, unsure what to do"

    Hello hello :o

    I upgraded my Mandrakelinux Discovery 10.1 with a 2005 Limited Edition, and a strange bug came.

    At boot time, I have this message in the log :

    Dkms :
    Nivia, multiple versions in Dkms, unsure what to do, resolve manually.

    The result of this being that the first time that I boot my computer in the day, it will start in console mode, even though it should, as configured so, boot my user with KDE.
    So, in console, I have to log in and run "startx", and then everything returns to normality.
    The next boots, KDE will start automatically with my user, as it should do every time.

    Alas i'm close to still being a Linux newbie, and with that problem instance, I have no clue as to guessing what to do in order to solve that small annoyance.

    Could someone help me a bit with it ? ^_^

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    DKMS is dynamic kernel module system (or something to that effect). It tries to load kernel modules as required and update them as needed. I always find that although I had correct and up to date modules they failed to be recognised correctly for nVidia and Madwifi. Which is pretty useless to me. I had a working system, just not one that knew it. I disabled to DKMS service, I know it's not a fix, but it will shorten your boot, and prevent issues with nvidia drivers again. I actually really like this idea, it's just not practical yet for my setup. Disable the services in MCC, though I think afterwards I removed the DKMS scripts from /etc/init.d

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    Disabling the service DKMS won't do nothing new or different at boottime, alas.

    So, I came to doing a few searches on my system, in the RPM-uninstall menu :

    When asking to search for "dkms" removal :

    When asking to search for "nvidia" removal :

    (oh, and I came to realize that I bloody fcking HATE the gimp and the other possible Linux alternatives, when the simple functions of a PSP like "shrink image to selection" or "draw a straight line ending with an arrowhead" are shamefully missing >___< With PSP+Windows making the mix of the screenshots would have taken three minutes, it was 40 minutes with Nux, I'd have better have rebooted my machine, since Wine will fail running PSP >_<)

    Now, considering my problem, I am rather unsure, because I see two twin entries.
    Should I remove the old-version Nvidia driver, version 6111-1,
    Or should I remove one of the DKMS packages both version 2.0.5-4 ?

    The two nvidia version 7174 do not seem to be competing with each other, one being a kernel module, and the other being a kernel driver... I hope it's not the same

    So hmm, any suggestions if you can help me a bit more ? ^_^

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    They sound like the same modules I had troble with. I won't claim to be anb expert on this, but I know the nvidia driver is compiled as a module for the kernel - so can therefore be compiled into the kernel. I'm guessing they're two versions of the same thing, particularly because those two numbers are recent driver build numbers. Like I said I scrapped the DKMS service, disabled it in the services module under the Mandrake Control Centre. Hey if it's working....

    BTW, I don't know of another distros that use this. Not to say they don't. I'd stick with the latest version, also because it's builtin to the kernel.

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    So far i'm using the latest version, aaaaand I already tried disabling DKMS service at startup without any change to be seen.

    So, should I uninstall some of the nvidia drivers or some of the DKMS modules ? Sorry to ask bluntly, but I really am lost ^^

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