I have a PC with AMD K6-2 processor and 64 MB RAM. Some day, I replace my SDRAM with a 128 MB SDRAM. But the RAM is broken. So, next at boot, I get message that one of my reiserfs partition is NOT CLEAN, and the partition may be corrupt. I type yes to check the partition using reiserfsck at boot. But, every boot, that reiserfsck always stop before it finished. So I has to type Ctrl-C to get into login shell. After I logged in, I check my reiserfs partition manually using reiserfsck using --fix-fixable paramater and then --rebuild-tree. No corruption found. Next time at boot, it's still the same. reiserfsck stopped before it finished. I read that the mode reiserfsck use at boot is --check.

I use Mandriva LE 2005.

Thanks before.