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Thread: grub fails

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    grub fails

    i have 2 HDD : first hda1 with xp and 2-nd hdc1 with fc3. how to boot in xp now, when my grub fails to start? hdc1 reports like is not formated after fsck was intrerupted. how to recover hdc1 data's?

    need help....

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    First of all, stay cool : i'm sure your data is still present on the disk and isn't in danger, okay ?

    Now, two solutions :

    - reinstall grub.
    Boot with your linux distro into the cdrom drive, chose to upgrade/edit your install, access the boottime startup panel manager, and try to configure grub better. My guess is that your grub's config contained something wrong. You probably didn't instal grub to the right hard disk.

    - destroy the startup information, putting instead windows's own startup information.
    Easy way : boot with windows's install cd into the cdrom drive, in the given options chose to repair windows, it will start a sort of console mode, and then run "chkdsk /fixmbr".
    That will auto-detec the windows partition, and create anew a windows boot loader, ie destroy grub and automatically boot windows, totally ignoring the existence of another OS

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