Hiya ^^

For my greatest trouble, I read a neighbouring thread, http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/topic-47643.html (the guy with the mute sound at startup problem), and interested, I played with alsamixer settings.

My mandriva 2005 LE is relatively new, and so far I had been satisfied with the sound settings, so I had not yet edited the sound settings.

But now... O silly me !

I have more volume in the right ear than in the left, while the "center" commands (there are two o_O) are perfectly centered, in kmixer as well as in alsamixer.
My sound is also sort of "muted", how to describle it... Place a handkerchief between your ears and your earphones, or place a bag full of stuff just stuck on your speakers... Do you see the idea ? I remember times where I would here sounds last one second longer, while now there is silence... how to say it better I don't know, sorry ^^

I tried playing with the settings, But honestly, I feel I'm just making the matter worse with every attempt ^^;;

So basically, what I'm wondering is pretty simple : is there a way to restore the settings to their inital state ? ^^
In the worst case, I guess I can "upgrade" my installation with Mandriva DVD, delete soundcard package (declare there is none) and then reinstall it again... But I don't mind learning a smoother way if there is one ^_^