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    Mandriva 2005 le ethernet / router problems

    Hi guys, I posted on this subject back in 2004, and abandoned mandriva for suse 9.2 as i couldn't get my internet up. anyway, I am back for a second dose, having just installed 2005 LE.

    My problem is as follows:

    I am unable to connect to my router/modem via ethernet, as i do not know how to configure it.

    My router/modem (asdl) is permanently connected to the internet, and i run 2 machines over ethernet. My windows machine is working fine, as was my linux machine when using suse (which automatically configured the ethernet to see the router without any problems).

    The only options in the control centre seem to relate to configuring the modem to dial up to a provider. I do not need to do this, as the modem is already connected to my isp and is running perfectly.

    I therefore need some advice as to how I can configure my mandriva box to "see" my modem over ethernet. I suspect that this will involve configuring the ethernet card, and some knowledge of ip etc, which i do not have!

    I have read the mandriva 10.1 documentation, and searche the web for answers, no joy!

    If anyone has any idea as to how i can solve this, I would be delighted if they could share it with me!



    ps:amd athlon 3000, nforce 2 with gigabit lan, 512 mb of pc3500 ram, 150 gb ata hd, radeon 9600 se gpu.

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    What you should do is goto the MCC, select from memory networking, then new connection, then LAN. here you can enter the details for yor card and the IP address of the PC. Also you should set up the router's local IP address as the gateway to the internet.
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    I am just getting 10.2 le sent through, and i been doing to research before the install and i see this...

    I use ethernet router also, is this problem for ALL ethernet setups>? or is happen to only a few ??

    I am a complete linux newb, never seen linux interface in my life lol, and looking for a replacement for xp / dual boot xp. But if i do have this issue, i hope i can rely on this forum for advice .

    Also i herd if i am dual booting, then i should pik lilo as a boot thing?? dunno if i read that right, and also to make a boot floppy for it incase win os/s wipe it?

    Anyway, lots more Questions to come ( you might wanna open a new forum just for me lol :P )

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    In response to 1st question, If you set up the linux box like I said in the previous post, then it shouldn't be a problem.

    When dual booting, make sure that XP is on the 1st partition of the drive and linux comes after that.i.e. like this:
    | XP = X GB NTFS | \ (root) = Y GB ReiserFS | swap = Z Mb |

    Yes, lilo or grub can be setup as your bootloader, i think by default Mandrake selects lilo as the bootloader. When installing Lilo/grub, install it to the MBR of the 1st hard-drive. Also, windows wont wipe lilo/grub unless you reinstall windows. If you are installing everything from scratch, install windows first, then install linux.
    Life is complex, it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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