Hi everyone thanks for all your help in the past (if you read prev posts)

Now my Lan card is running with my cable modem connected set up on dhcp with ntl as provider now my problem

Linux is ace

getting internet working was a problem , my hardware conflicted with onboard devices gigabyte 8tx board,but i managed to sort the problem internet was fine gaim was fine then a couple of weeks ago my network config icon had a cross through it checked connection it was down tryed everything to get it back(evrythink that got my connecton up and running in the first place)No nothink helped so i done a clean install of linux mandrake 10.1 everythink went fine it even let me update the operating system from the install stage so all updates are installed now when kde started network was up and running went on internet fine for 10 minutes then every web page i click on says error (unknown host at e.g google) when i check my network icon it is still up and running when i check with drakconfig every think is fine .so i go root init1 init 5 everythink working ping google fine start kde back up error unkown host

so i re-boot into xp connect the usb cable modem up and hay presto connection is fine re-boot into linux same problem so clean install linux again same sinario so i re-boot into windows xp logon to this my fave forum and got some help please only online for an hour going to watch liveaid but help would be appricated

ps d if your are reading this please contact us asap as you prob no whats up