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    Question about proxy

    Hi again,

    I have been trying to get Opera and/or Mozilla to wor for almost a week now. And 10 minutes ago I finaly succeeded. I just entered a proxy (this maybe sounds silly for you computer pro's). Here's a question:

    Is it secure to use proxy's (what the heck is the plural in english?!)? I really don't know what a proxy is, I know it works like some kind of relay, but that's all. I dunno what settings I should but on my proxy settings, but I found a website called, and just entered the proxy and port there. But is that really secure? I am kind of paranoid using internet, I never use any creditcards, and know with the proxy thing, I don't dare to enter any passwords or anything. Is there a possibilty that my information is snapped by anyone?

    Thanks in advance,

    Does proxy's make the internet slower? I mean, the information goes to another computer first, right?

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    All a proxy basically does is to hide your actual IP address from the wider internet.

    Think of it like this. We all have a physical home mailing Address. Now a lot of people will have mail delivered directly to their homes from the post office. Think of this as a direct connection to the internet. Now having a proxy or multiple proxies is like having multiple "post office boxes", you know those little boxes at the local post office which you can hire. The mail gets sent there rather than to your home address and when you feel like it, you can walk down to the post office and pick up your mail. Here the Post Office is acting like a proxy for you to hold your mail.

    Persnoally I also don't like using public proxy servers like the prooxy4free one you have provided due to my over paranoid privacy and security concerns. However, if you are vigilant enough then your credit card details and the like won't get stolen or anything. The problem that I have with proxy servers is that if somebody hacks into the server, they can send things back to you and there's nothing much you can do about it. But since you are running linux (hopefully not as root), then you should be moderatly secure.

    But for the ultimate security, you should consider hiding behind a primary hardware firewall and have a secondary firewall running on all your machines.
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