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Thread: X Includes

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    X Includes

    What are X Includes ? When I try to install some programs, they showed me the message: "Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!". OK, What can I do ? I use Mandrake 10.1
    Thanks !

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    Are you trying to compile a program from the source ?

    I suggest you try to install the program's RPM, if an RPM is available of course. Because, you see, RPMs can manage dependancies themselves, and tell you what other dependancies are required, and download+install them automatically.
    You can simply download them through mandrake control center's software installation menu, that's the most newbie-friendly RPM-way.

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    Well, for the particular program I'm trying to install, there are no RPMs included with it. The installation file just says to do ./configure like normal...but I get that same message as it configs it.

    So, does anyone have any ideas as to where these "X Includes" might be found?

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    If I ask you whether you're using Xfree86 (the growing very old version of the display server X) or Xorg (the future of the display server X, still young but most promising), you won't know what you're using, are you ? ^^

    Yet you must know that in order to know what includes to install. It should be Xorg, but just in case... here's how to find.
    If you're using KDE (if you're not, just be nice and start a KDE session ), run Kcontrol, and go to the "information" menu from the vertical list, and the last submenu will be "server X". The second line in that window will tell it to you (for me, it's "Mandrakelinux (Xorg X11... ... ...)

    Then, getting the dev packages for X, which is the X includes : in mandrake's control center (run "mcc") search for RPMs called "X-dev xorg". For instance with Xorg as keyword (I wish that bloody search function accepted more than one keyword or even syntax between keywords <_<).

    Good luck ^^

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