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    I hav a computer that has win98, win2000, and mandrakelinux 10.1, each on diff. partions.
    i need to get rid of linux because it runs too slowly to do anything. also, i would like to get rid of it with my other 2 partions intact, and possibly resize them to accomidate the space linux had. (if not i can just add another fat32 or ntfs partion)
    i deleted the linux and swap partion but the (lilo, i think) os loader is still there. i no its in the mbr, and i hav herd about the fdisk /mbr technique, but im not sure if it will render my hard disk unusable or not. if so, i need to manually edit the mbr or somethin. if not, thats gr8.
    thanks in advance, joe

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    The fdisk /mbr tool is exactly what you need to repair the MBR.

    As for recovering the partition, if you have access to a Knoppix livecd, it has qtparted on it, which can reclaim your your hard drive space.
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    i tried knoppix but when it tries to load it has a scrambled screen much like the "salt-and-pepper channel", even if i load with the standard display driver

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    I'm still a bit surprised that Linux is slower than a windows XP on your machine o_O

    fdisk /mbr is riskless. Reboot with windows's installation CD. In the options, chose "repair". It will start a prompt-line window, similar to good old MSDOS (haaaa, that reminds me of the heroic time where norton commander and pctools were the usual solution... nostalgy...), in which you can enter your fdisk /mbr :o

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