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    I can't believe it but mine is working!!!

    I did change to 2.6.11-12mdk and made a couple of changes to the xorg.config.

    I just lucked up, I don't think I could recreate the process.

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    Good on you Cooter007,
    Can you tell me exactly how you go about it, when you said you did change to 2.6.11-12mdk, what exactly did you do there !?
    I did a # uname -r, and confirm my running kernel is exactly the same as your 2.6.11-6mdk !!!

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    From the menu I selected System>Configuration>Configure Your Computer.
    Type in root password
    Clicked on Software Management
    Clicked on “Look at installable software and install.....”

    In the “Search” field I just type in “kernel” and hit search and a list of packages popped up.

    I selected the 2.6.11-12mdk package and clicked “Install”

    I opened a Console and typed “rpm -qa | grep kernel-*”

    Sorry for my “noob'e ness” but I have no idea what that does, I just blindly followed the instructions on this page:

    there is not a space between the “-qa” and the “|” and the “grep” but if you type it that way it comes out looking like an “L” instead of a “|”

    I hope I didn't confuse you! I was like a mad clicking / typing manic until it finally worked. I looked at several webpages that helped me and I will give you a list if you need them.

    NOTICE: I download several of the old drivers from the nvidia website and started with the oldest one that would work and built my way up.

    I almost forgot I went in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and changed the “nv” to a “nvidia”[/b]

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