has anyone tried to install the latest drivers from ati and actually got them working?

I have downloaded the latest drivers and installed as per instructions and then ran fglrxconfig. is there another one or way to set it up for PCIE support?. anyway i went throught the whole process and rebooted my pc. tho while it was rebooting it said something like "fglrx not found" i am a linux noob been using it since sunday using LE2005 (10.2) previous try was 7. I have read reviews and people have gotten their x300 and x600s working just fine.

I want to use 3d Accelaration as i want to migrate slowly away from windows (wife uses pc too..)

I have attempted to run RTCW : Enemy territory, and it dumps out saying error, something about software acceleration..

my hardware is

AMD64 3500+ (939)
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9
Powercolor X850XT PE PCIE (based completely on the reference design)
1 Gig of Ram
200gig drive (10 linux rest window$)

when i bought my video card linux was not in the decision making (been shown 10.2 and loved it ever since.)

Anyhelp would be muchly appreciated, i dont mind giving access to my desktop and letting someone take control and help.

I have been thinking about running fedora or suse9.3 (if these are easier to get ati running on it.)