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    file transfers from machine to machine via ethernet?

    can someone tell me what I need to do to setup my machines so I can transfer files
    from one machine to another via ethernet connection in mandrake 10.1?
    I have a router connecting the two without internet service.
    this will be from nfs to nfs.
    I've fiddled with it some and cannot get this happening.

    youre knowledge is always appriciated!

    thanks again..

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    well your mileage may vary but simply

    in the /etc/exports file on host1

    /home/user host2(rw)
    start the nfsserver daemon
    on suse that would be /etc/init.d/nfsserver start

    on host2

    showmount -e host1
    should list all exported filesystems

    mount -t nfs host1:/home/user /mnt/NFS

    (assuming /home/NFS exists on host2,

    I like to touch NFS_NOT_MOUNTED in /mnt/NFS so that when you go into that dir on host2 you can see instantly that that is a mount point and nothing is mounted as the file called NFS_NOT_MOUNTED will dissapear when the mount happens

    There are lots of options you can use (-o tcp ) etc. but get it going first then play,

    I also tend to specify noauto in the fstab of the machine mounting the remote fs as a machine can hang whilst booting if the server machine is down

    Hope that's what you were looking for

    Cheers Ian
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