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    problems makin' "tarballz" with Ark

    I've been trying without success to make gzipped and bzipped tar archives in Ark.
    It will make the archive, but when I look in it, files from one or more folders are missing.
    when Ark is done (or so it seems) it just vanishes and does'nt say if it was a success or error (maybe that's just how it works?)
    is ther something I might be doing wrong?
    I'm trying to make it from a folder which has 5 folders inside, which have wav files inside those.(if that matters)


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    Probably this is worthless, but why not trying to make 'em from the commandline?

    tar cvzf myfile.tar.gz folder/
    tar cvjf myfile.tar.bz2 folder/
    I have personally never trusted in GUI apps for (de)compressing files in Linux...


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