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    mnt/ folder dosnt list my non linux hard drive

    hello someone please help !!! .. iv just installed mandrake 8.1 onto one of the partitions on my 160 gig hard drive <a 40 gig partition> on the same hard drive i have two more partitions both a little over 55 gigs . they are still ntsf and have a lot of mp3 files and the like on them . i also have a seprate hard drive that is 10 gigs and ntsf as well with windows xp running on it . my problem is when i use the hard drake program it detects both hard drives ... but in my mnt/ folder it dosnt list any .. im verry new to linux <like 2 hours> but verry good with windows .. so a more <windows geek > answer would be best .. thank you ahead of time for your responce

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    To see the ntfs directories in /mnt, do

    open terminal
    su >root password
    mkdir /mnt/NTFS1
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/NTFS1

    This assumes that your windows partition is on hda1, and that you want to call it NTFS1.
    You can call it anything you like, just don't use spaces, linux will think you want 2 separate directories.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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