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    question regarding apache and ftp

    I have apache installed and serving and am delighted with how easy this was
    but I am a super-n00b at anything regarding networking!
    I want to use ftp to update/maintain the page as well as have several pass protected
    folders for keeping individual user's files in.
    how do I do this/where do I start?
    I've read lots of apache docs and from what I understand
    I donot need another server app for this (right?)
    I see there is an "ftp" file in the apache file tree, and I've been digging through the manual and on the net all day looking for more info.
    you're help is alwas very much appriciated and usually much needed

    thanks! C.Poff

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    Install something like proFTP. It should be in MDK disks. You can easily configure it using web-min.

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    I reccomend forgoing ftp all together, use ssh. You can use :

    or this

    Just start sshd, or if you are paranoid like me you can use xinetd to control sshd.

    If you must use an ftp server try ProFTP or something like it. I just think ftp is a security risk, unless you really know what you are doing with the config, keep an eye on the logs, and really really need it.

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