Hello everybody !
Please, I need your help . Here , I explain:

I have reisnstalled LinuxMandrake 10.1. The problem is that I do not manage to configure the internet connection above.
When I pass by the graphic interface, and I choose a new connection, and afterward the modem ADSL, the software does not recognize the modem USB Sagem Fast 800, and it shows / gives me a single choice, it is that of the card fax intel modem.
I have totally removed this card, but it always shows it to me.
When I pass by the detection of the material , it does not recognize the modem USB.
How can proceed please ; knowing that the controller USB is: 82820 816 (camino 2) chipset USB.
And in port USB, I have: UHCI Controller.

I am waiting for your help.

Thank you in advance.