Hello there

I'm wondering where WxGTK might be installed in fact on my machine.

A bit of history : I wanted to compile amule's tarball, because there was no recent RPM available for mandriva 2005 LE.
I found the compilation to fail even though I had the dependancies, and I found on amule's support board that this was a well-known bug for mandriva users : their RPM or preinstalled WxGTK was somehow buggy and wouldn't compile my software. The solution being to uninstall it in MCC, and reinstall a tarball taken from the official website for WxGTK. This I did. The WxGTK tarball I downloaded was extracted to a folder, and then, as root, as suggested in the help files, I ran the usual configure-make-make install. - and I finally could compile aMule ^^

But now that I look at WxGTK folder, I find that the folder is 535 Mo large and contains 4911 files. Pretty much, don't you think, unless I have installed Wx into that folder. I thought that WxGTK would be installed in /bin, or in /usr/ and now I suspect it's still in the original folder where I extracted the tarball.
aMule works fine even though I renamed the wxGTK-2.6.1 folder.

(a sub-question being : the "make + make install" process is, or isn't, supposed to automatically install everything of a program into /usr/bin ?)

So, well, i'm lost. Would you have any idea for me to check where is really installed WxGTK, and if I can delete the wxGTK-2.6.1 folder then ? ^^