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    mandrake linux wont start...?

    i just finished installing mandrake linux 10.1 (cd1 only) which went good with no problems. after it was done installing my computer rebooted but nothing happened! my computer picked up xp like nothing had happned!

    why wont mandrake linux start?

    also i partitioned my hard drive, and installed linux on the partitioned hard drive.

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    You installed Windows THEN Mandrake after the partitioning?

    It seems that you don't have a bootloader set up. Are you sure you selected one during the installation?

    Also, a Windows installation will overwrite your bootloader. If you installed Windows after Linux, you need to re-install your bootloader using something like Knoppix.

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    Put your first Mandrake disc in the PC and reboot. When it asks choose recover mode and select repair bootloader option. It will pickup you lilo.conf if it was generated. See how you get on with that and post back. It may look a bit daunting, but it should work fine, and shouldn't take too long.

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    i reinstalled linux and got it to work.

    i think the reason it didnt work last time was becasue i had it install the bootloader at the start of the sector and not that MBR

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    now im getting another problem!

    while in the installation phase it asked for a password and i said to log in without a password. but when i start linux it asks for a pass work and i never typed in a password.

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    Hmmm that's not a funny problem !
    During the installation, there's one login-password that's always asked to create : it's the root login-password. This way, only the root has the right to do crucial operations, while the normal users (including the computer's owner, for his own protection) can't have access to settings able to compromise the computer's functioning.

    I suppose that you forgot that you provided a root's login-pass.
    In the worst of the cases, you can chose "upgrade" while booting with mandrake's CD, I'm sorry but I don't know of a console solution for this prob, if you're asked the log-pass right after the startup.

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    ok thanks! ill just reformat and reainstall linux

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