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Thread: Konquerer

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    Konquerer does not work!!!

    I just reinstalled Linux Mandrake 10.1 Official and Konquerer will not open.

    Any ideas???

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    try running it from the command line and see if any errors occur
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    If you run "Konquerer" and nothing happens, I kindly suggest that you try the next time to run "Konqueror", you might see a slight difference

    Don't take no offense, but i'll take that you were like me four months ago : a linux newbie totally nonplussed by the depth of his newbiness.
    To open a command-line, with mandrake or mandriva, run alt-F2
    In that command-line, type "konsole" without the quotes, that will open a console
    in the console, type "konqueror".
    And there we'll want to know the things written in the konsole, select all that text with the mouse and do a copy-paste in here
    (just in case : don't panic, having plenty of weird things written in the console when Konqueror starts is normal, even if it may look like error messages. In fact, a real error message will result in something much smaller than konqueror's usual bla-bla ^^)

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    It worked from the command line and now works by clicking the icon thanks for the help

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