I tried mandrake 9.0 when it came out but with verizon and its pppoe I was never able to get the internet to work, making it useless. Now that its 10.1 now I wanna try again but dont want to waste time repartitioning if its not ever going to work. I have a westell modem(speedtouch 2200 i think), a linksys router and a netgear wg311 v2 802.11g wireless card. I remember going into the internet connection wizard and when I set it for pppoe it asked me a bunch of questions that I had no idea where to get the information for. I need any information I can get like what i need information/usernames/passwords i need to configure it and how to set up my wireless card etc. I would like to get into linux but its almost pointless to try unless I can get the internet to work. Any info on verizon dsl is appreciated. Thanks