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    Adding firefox to the PATH

    Hello !

    I have a very trivial question, really i'm a bit ashamed not to be able to make that work.
    I want to add firefox to the path, so that writing "firefox" in command-line will be enough to run the program.

    Firefox is installed, on my computer, in the folder /bin/firefox-installer/ (yeah, weird location, true)

    I first ran "export PATH=$PATH:/bin/firefox-installer" (I tried as root, or as single user)
    [sabin@mna75-3-82-66-231-163 ~]$ firefox
    bash: firefox: command not found
    Then I tried, maybe in fact we didn't add folders but commands to the bash path :
    "export PATH=$PATH:/bin/firefox-installer/firefox"

    Then I tried to create a symbolic link for firefox in a directory where the path worked : in the firefox folder, I ran
    "ln -s firefox /bin".
    Running just "firefox" gave the usual error message, but running ./firefox produced another error message :
    bash: ./firefox: Too many levels of symbolic links

    So i'm tired today, I guess I won't find until i have a good rest (be it in three days, pity I spoiled my break not managing to add firefox to pah <_<) i'll give up.
    What may I have done wrong in this ?
    Please, if you're nice, explain a slightly ashamed newbie what he should have done in order to be able to add firefox to the system-recognized apps ^_^

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    Well, did you try an alias?

    alias firefox=/bin/firefox-installer/firefox

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    If i were a girl I would try to kiss you

    Thanks a lot, that made the trick !

    Unfortunately the man commands don't work for export, same as alias, redirecting me to bash options. That doesn't help self-learning. Thanks to you, I know that command now, thanks again ^_^

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    If you want that alias to stick drop it into your .bashrc or into /etc/profile if you want it there for everyone that logs in. I used to keep up to date with my firefox but now I find that this effort of keeping installs here there and everywhere a bit messy. I used to get it working with the PATH= option though, it's a bit strange it's not working for you. I know you've solved this but I'm kind of curious, can you dump out contents of your /bin/firefox-installer directory? I know it's usually a shell script that calls firefox. Isn't there a script there called mozilla-firefox?

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    Tom, do you mean I should precisly just add a line containing alias firefox=/bin/firefox-installer/firefox to /etc/profile ?
    It seems that file contains code more than lines of things to be ran, so, just in case, I prefer to ask.

    Concerning the contents of my firefox folder, there are three shell-scripts.
    "firefox", "", and "firefox-installer".

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    Yup you can add that full line for the alias to /etc/profile right at the end. I was wondering about those scipts, but they're not the ones I was thinking of. Cheers dude.

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