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Thread: Compaq issue

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    Compaq issue

    I have a compaq presario sr1023wm (its ok laugh i know compaq sucks) and cannot install Mandrake linux 10.1 i have installed it before on a diffrent pc and it worked perfect. This SR1023WM just starts to boot then restarts the pc and it does this over and over again.

    I tried the command Linux Acpi=off Apm=off ------ It worked, it installed flawlessly but after the install it just boots then restarts. Is there a way for me to enable the command Linux acpi=off APM=off everytime it loads.

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    You may want to try a different installation disk as the one you have could be bad. Something small like... well... Damn Small Linux or Peanut Linux would do. If they DO boot, then the Mdk disk(s) is likely bad. You downloaded the ISO and burned it? Other than that, I wouldn't know what else to try. Sorry I couldn't help more...
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    install cd is good

    i have installed from it lots of times, i will try to install a diffrent linux like suse or fedora. ive read that acpi has to be disabled. i have no clue how to disable it is it in the bios orin linux.

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    I remember some people on this forum had trouble getting linux to run on various compaq pc's, they all seemed to describe similar symptoms to yours. Only thing I can think of is to try boot from the cd and enter some sort of repair mode where you can edit grub/lilo and add the acpi=off APM=off options.

    If you want to install different distro, try SuSE, when you get to the bootloader setup, choose grub and add the acpi=off APM=off options to the default suse boot.
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