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    Mandrake x-server problems


    Please, Im a newbie to Mandrake 10 and just installed it:

    1. How can I, or what command do I use to start x-server automatically from boot(after loggin in).....I didnt select "start x-server automatically after boot up" during my installation.....i forgot.....

    2. I installed it on a Laptop......for example: when entering my username/password, i have the letter "i" when I press "i", as part of my username, I dont see the "i", instead I get a "5"....
    (the keyboard of my laptop has some letters that have other "numerics" in blue color on the same keynote....for example: "p has -", "o has 6", "i has 5", "u has 4"...others like "jkl have 123" as additionals.....

    I discovered that when i hold down the "fn" key and then press "i" for example, then I can get the "i" letter correctly.

    Is it possible to disable this feature permanently so that I dont have to always hold down the "fn" key before I get letters "uiopjkl"?

    hope the question is clear....


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    Hi - I don't know about the second half of your question, but if you type startx that should boot you into graphical mode.
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    Probably there is something wrong with your X setup. Normally, Mandrake by default boots to a graphical login screen.
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