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    Installation problems with Mandriva 10.1 HELP!

    I just bought a Mandriva 10.1 DVD because i have dial up , and i was trying to install it, and it brought up DR-DOS, and detected all of my hardware, and then it asked me about DOS Protected Mode Services and it gave me memory options and it prompts me for my choice, and my choice is /MLX but i cant figure out how to choose it. I tried INSTALL/MLX and setup/mlx etc. but nothing works. This may sound stupid but this is my first time installing linux. I kinda wanted to get it installed tonight, idk if it can happen, but its worth a try. Thank You

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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation, but it sounds like maybe you aren't booting it properly. Set your machine BIOS to boot from the DVD-drive, then insert the DVD into the player and reboot your machine. The DVD disk should load to install Mandriva.

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    No, my boot sequence is fine, the disk might be fubared. Its my first time installing any linux, is mandrake a text installer or is there a GUI for it. Because all im getting is text. I'm not getting even a hint of Mandrake or mandriva on anything. I bought the DVD at a place not too far from where i live, and they told me that if i had any problems, to call them, so i might do that. I also examined the DVD in windows, and there seems to be not a lot there but idk, It seems to be filling up 2.02 gigs of space on the DVD, but there is nothing at all that says anything about Mandrake when i try and boot to CD, which is the first in the boot sequence, so it seems to be a bad disc, idk maybe u guys know something i dont

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    Mnadrake 10.1 is a GUI installer. Sounds like your disk is not working correctly.
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    ok, thanks i just emailed the ppl i got it from and i will be going ther tomorrow,

    Thanks for your help

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