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Thread: wifi detection

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    wifi detection

    hey, guys, a question abotu mandrake's wifi detection.

    It does not show the available wifi spots, so, any one knows how to make it show that?

    I used to use Suse, and its KInternet tool is awesome. Does anyone know how to get a good replacement? or jsut make mandrake somehow show availabel networks??

    thanks guys

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    try kwifimanager, I can only seem to find links for Suse for Kinternet.

    Kwifimanager rpm can be found here,
    note rpm linked to is for 10.2, if you are using older, just do a new search.
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    kwifimanager is the tool for MDR, but I'm finding that it sometimes interferes with my settings from MCC or even settings I've manually edited. Be careful using it. It's a user tool with root powers.

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