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    I have recently installed wine ( ) yesterday. I found it yesterday but when i go to the folder it was at it was gone. and it wont let me reinstall it. anyone know why?

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    I think you should start by being clear about what you're trying to do.
    So you have installed wine yesterday, and you can't find it today?? You mentionned going to "a folder", which one? What were you trying to do going to this folder?.

    To use wine, simply type
    wine windows_program_you_wanna_run.exe
    I suppose the folder you're looking for is: /home/user/.wine/drive_c
    Which is the root of your fake windows tree. And you have trouble finding it because it starts by a dot (hidden file). The command "ls -a" will display hidden file.

    What do you mean by "it won't let me reinstall it"? Are you trying "urpmi wine" and it says "everything is already installed"?? I'm not sure why you're trying to re-install, this is not windows. If there is something wrong, then it's fixable. Re-install to fix problem is just not the right way with Linux.

    Try to be more specific if you want us to help.

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