Hi all,

I'm a real Linux wannabe (better than newby I think). I've recently installed Mandriva on an old Dell Latitude laptop, and all went well. The installation found the pcima controller and the Xircom NIC 1st time, and after the initial reboot I was able to start up an internet browser and see the world. I switched of the pc that night and the next day the laptop starts fine but I wasn't able to browse. Infocentre showed that the problem was that the PCIMA controller was not available.

I checked system under the Mandrakelinux Control centre and pcima showed a tick for On boot but the service was stopped. I tried manually starting it but no joy, and neither was a reboot. Restarting the laptop with the cd and running through the install again gave me a pcima and a NIC. I've tried this 3 or 4 times now and every time the same result.

I could just leave the laptop running, but what with all this global warming stuff I suppose every little helps

All help gratefully received.