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    Trouble Installing Mandrake

    After entering all selections, including package selection..................
    The installation begins and gets to 19% and halts, almost everytime.
    It has gotten further, tho it still halts. I have never successfully gotten
    Mandriva to install. Currently, I have been attempting to install 2006
    beta 3. Same stuff happens when attempting last four final releases of

    What's going on? I don't see a way to display the textual mode while
    installing so I can see where it's halting.

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    Did you try installing with default (minimal)features ?
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    Yes I did. I tried just going through the install defaults.

    I have tried several different ways of installing.

    You know, PCLinuxOS has the same exact issue.
    And now I wonder why? It's built on Mandrake!

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    You might try some of the various install options, such as acpi=off:

    linux acpi=off
    Don't know that it will help, but it might.

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    I'll try that and let you know...

    I personally do not know all these commands
    as I have not had to use them in other distros.

    Most distros have installed for me with not much

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    out of curiosity, did you check the md5sum of the iso before burning them?

    the acpi=off tells mandrake that it should not directly try and control the power-saving features of the system (as is my understanding).

    IIRC, you can hit ESC and it should show you which package is installing or which ones failed. I think there is an option for detailed view during package installation.
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    I tried 'linux acpi=off' and it got to

    Installing xorg-x11

    and halted.

    I tried hitting ESC and it did nothing.

    Did not check the md5 but I had purchased a copy from a distro sales site on distrowatch.

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    hmm, try
    have you had this kind of trouble with any other distro?
    Life is complex, it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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    The only other distro I am having a prob installing is aLinux 12.5

    or like I said above... PCLinuxOS.

    Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, and many others install fine.

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    Now after entering 'linux noapic'

    it got as far as Installing package foomatic-db

    and halted.

    This is NUTS!

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