I am a Newbie well somehow..

Anybody to help me with my SoundCard?? I have a Mandrive LE 2005 (Mandrake 10.2). I have sucessfully installed the OS and the souncard is fully recognized. It even chose the driver for from the list (intel80x) but I don't hear ANY sound. It plays avi's but no sound...
Is it just MUTED buy default?? OK How can I un-Mute it ??

I tried the following if this might be helpful !!..

I logged into the KDE (my default GUI) as a root and and just gone to the KDE>Sound> and Enabled the Radio button "Enable Sound System", otherwise all will be greyed out.. I don't know what is this actually, is this the KDE Mixer ?.. But anyways, when I enabled it, I got 2 buttons "Test Sound" and "Test Midi". I pressed each. Nothing happened.. A message popped up saying


" Sound System Informational Message..

Error while intializing sound driver

device /dev/dsp/ can't be opened, (No such file or directory)

The sound service will continue using the Null Output'


I assure you that the sound card is totally recognized and the OS has chosen the driver for it from the list as I stated above..

So can you verify what is the Alsa or the KDE Mixers and how can access them ?? If the above message is normal so I think I am muted for sure .. Yes..