I hacve a SpeedTouch 330 USB Modem
I have followed the link step by step especially the "example" in http://speedtouchconf.sourceforge.net/script.shtml.
Everything went well and I got connected (after a very hard and long time googling and trying drivers)) BUT
Everything worked as scheduled in the "example".. EXCEPT when I come to this offering stage within the script run


To automatically dial-in when the PC boots up :

/usr/lib/lsb/install_initd speedtouch

Do you want to set this up now? (Yes / No)


I answered YES to the question, it NEVER connects on reboot.
I have to connect manually everytime I turn on the PC using the command

/etc/init.d/speedtouch start .

The init never succeeds and I get the following error when I answer Yes



chkconfig --list name

chkconfig --add

chkconfing --del

chkconfig [level

init command failed

I really appreciate your HELP PLEASE