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    Newbie having problems with Mandriva LE and Toshiba widescreen

    Hello all

    New to the world of Linux and really interested in making the switch. (Besides I need to learn a few Unix commands for a new role at work)

    I managed to get a copy of Mandriva LE 2005 and installed this quite easily on a borrowed IBM Pentium 3 T23 laptop without any problems. I loved what I saw and decided to dual boot my faster Toshiba M30-104 (pentium M) 15.4 widescreen laptop. Install went fine, Mandriva even let me reduce my NTFS partion so I could a new partion for the install.

    Got to the stage to test the screen. It recogniswd my Nvidia FX graphics card. I selected Test and saw pretty colours and all looked well and the machien rebooted.

    now when it boots up instead of a GUI I get a black screen. I ran XFDrake bt I still do not know what options to select for the Monitor and resolution entries.

    Does anybody know what options i should be selecting?
    Also system complains about not being able to find a mouse. Does one need to be connected to boot into a GUI?

    Othjer than that Windows still boots up without any problems after the partion resize.

    Thanks you all for your help in advance.


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    seems as soon as I plugged my USB mouse and powered up the machine . All is well. Now I need my wifi to work

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