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    terminal thinggy

    well lets say i type cd /home/root/amsn-0.94 and then i type ./amsn to run amsn it runs fine and all but when i close the terminal window it will close down amsn with itself... how do i make it stop??

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    Launch it from the "run" command instead of the terminal window. Isn't there a "run" in the KMenu or Gnome menu?

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    wheres the cool in that? it didnt work anyway.

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    You may have noticed that when you run that, you don't get the command prompt back? That means the terminal is basically occupied by the program. The way to separate them is to run the program in the background. Try putting an '&' after the command line to tell the shell (the terminal) to run the program in the background. If you want to bring it back to the foreground, read the manual page for background: 'man bg'. Just to make it perfectly clear, try:
    ./amsn &
    at the comand line.
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    ///this use to look better

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    same thing, when i close the terminal it closes amsn down with itself..

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    A couple of things to try:
    nohup ./amsn &
    # press <ctrl+d> or type exit to detach and again to close the terminal &#40;or just close the window&#41;
    # &#40;start another terminal and run 'screen -r' to reattatch&#41;

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