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    Mandrake installed bu not lilo

    Hi guys

    Just installed mandrake after a bad sector report by fedora, and it aborted the installation. Mandrake did install, but it said in the end
    that failed to write lilo ( or grub- not sure , forgot) , to hda1.

    i checked the drives in windows, reformatted them and there were no bad sectors.

    Not how to get mandrake option in boot.ini or install lilo or grub pl.

    Cool Surfer - Registered linux user #397629

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    If you boot off the Mandrake install CD there is a rescue mode (press F2 for the boot options at the splash screen, but I think you just have to type 'linux rescue at the splash screen).

    When you get into the rescue mode you should see an option to 'repair bootloader' or something along those lines. Alternatively you could use the command line at the rescue mode to restore it:
    lilo -C /mnt/system/etc/lilo.conf

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    No that option is not showing up. Just windows boot straight away.

    Any other way pl.
    Cool Surfer - Registered linux user #397629

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    No that option is not showing up. Just windows boot straight away.
    No I mean boot off the Mandrake CD - like you did when you installed it. If Windows is booting straight away then you are booting off the hard drive.

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    Sorry I checked this post when I had reinstalled mandrake.

    Just noticed a small 5mb prtition hidden behing the windows partition.

    Deleted and repartitioned and all seems to be working fine.

    Thanks anyways friend
    Cool Surfer - Registered linux user #397629

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