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Thread: Mandrake 10

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    Mandrake 10

    or mandriva wateva we call it...i havnt updates my mandrake even once for a small reason tht i dono how to do..i wud b more glad to someone who tells me how to fully update my mandrake 10 and where to get bundled update like tht...for free or any automatic updates kind of thing...thx

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    You could just open a terminal and type
    then give the system your root password.

    You can also access the update system via the Mandrake Control Center, which is Configure My Computer in the System menu.
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    Here is how you want to update.

    Before you do anything else you should probably get rid of your exisiting media in your repository.

    Please read here if you need a refresher on URPMI!

    i.e. urpmi.removemedia -a

    Then lets get some new sources:

    First make sure you know what version you have:
    10 community
    10 official
    10.1 community
    10.1 official


    then go to and pick your version and your arch. (ie. i586)


    Then select what you are looking for,
    i.e. Main, Update, Contribution and choose your mirrors.

    Then click proceed to step 3

    You will find some text that you can copy and paste into your console as root
    i.e. :

    urpmi.addmedia main with ../base/
    urpmi.addmedia contrib with ../../i586/Mandrake/base/

    Paste that into your console as root and enter. It will download the lists for you and configure them as media for your system.

    You could then use urpmi from the console to stay up to date.
    i.e. :

    urpmi.update -a updates all those sources you just grabbed, do this before you update or install packages so you have the lates.

    urpmi --auto-select will upgrade everything you have to the latest.

    urpmi -y <packagename> will search for it. it will list all packages that match. Be careful, if there is only one match it will install it

    also see urpmq and urpme

    Have fun.

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    first i wud like to help ya all for ur quick responce....

    coming to mt flatline

    yup i did try those steps but failed drastically....tried tht config from my comp too..but due to some error it says network down or sure am online lol....but ya i may b doing something wrong

    Coming to mr Green

    Wht do u mean by removing media? is it tht the older versions will b removed?

    i got mandrake 10.1 official...i586..

    i badly need to update cos i never updated once..specially kernel.....

    and ya can i have anythng like a zip file or something where i can download and install later? cos i get 6 hours of time and my connection speed is 256kbps...its i wud download partly and install them later....

    and yup thx a lot for u pplz timely responce....

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