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    i have no internet with mandriva 10.1 HELP

    I have just recently installed mandriva 10.1 community and i can't seem to get the network up and running.....i am a windows user and im totally blind when it comes to linux, i have a broadband cable connection, with the cable modem connected to a d-link di-604 router which is connected into a cisco switch....i tried to ping the router and nothing so i bypassed the switch and connected directly into the router and then tried to ping it....still nothing...then i went even further and connected directly to the cable modem and tried to ping that and still nothing. i believe the net card is installed correctly and the drivers are correct....i am dual booting with win xp and i have a connection with windows xp so im thinking it has to do with the linux os possibly or maybe a protocol???? any help would greatly appreciated

    Thanks a bunch
    the windows man

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    Have you configured your card within the Mandrake Control Center? There's a good net utility in there that should help sort things out. If you still can't get it up and going, it will help if you tell us what your NIC is. If you don't know, open konsole and type:
    and press enter. Copy and paste the output about your Ethernet card here. While your at it, also post the output of:
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    ok its a davicom 9102-based PCI fast ethernet card but i can't just copy it bc i have to switch to windows to get to the forum i can tell u that i tried configuring it but no good

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    i typed those things in and ifconfig looks like ipconfig for looks like my card doesn't have an ip adress

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    be sure network hotplugging is disabled from mandrake control centre thts wht was my problem i hope this works

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    still no net

    i tried disabling hotplugging network and then i logged off and restarted x server but still no net????i don't understand
    any help would greatly be appreciated

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    all set

    thank you everyone for putting in effort to fix this problem but i changed the ethernet card to a 3com and it works now

    Thank you all for your help

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