got mdk10.1 Official, i think i messed up my software media manager. now i cant (re) install mysql.

let me walk thru what i did:

1. i was trying to install gd libs, it was looking for something like media 7. i opened up the media manager and opened Supplementary Applications CD4 (cdrom7). (what does this mean, CD4 and then cd7), i only have 5 CDs. i changed the values, put in a proxy, etc. and then, gosh.. i cant save the configuration. even if i put in the original values, it wont accept it anymore. so i thought just let it be..

2. i uninstalled mysql on my box. and then suddenly i find i need to have it back. i opened install software, typed mysql, but it isnt listed anymore. no mysql common, mysql server/client, etc.. why? must be because what i did in no 1?

someone help me pls?

thank you!