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    Gaim always disconnects

    i have this problem with gaim...i use it for acessing aim's server and when i log in i can talk fine for like 10-15 minutes but then when i try to look at someones away message it won't pop up, and when i type to ppl they don't get what i say and i don't get what they say and a few minutes later gaim disconnects.....i have an internet connection the whole time it does this and it doesn't do it with regular aim on windows. im just wondering what im doing wrong or if i should switch to something else...i tried kopete but everytime i connected it said iv exceeded the rate limit and i'd be disconnected for 10 minutes and it keeps on doing that over and just not sure what to do i would really like to rely on linux over windows but im not sure.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I use GAIM on Linux with no problem, however I do not connect to AOL with it. In the meantime, have you tried activating the "Auto-Reconnect" feature under "Plug-ins"?

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    yes i have but it does no good bc it doesn't really "disconnect" till like 5 minutes after i experience these issues

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    What Mandrake version are you running? Have you run Mandrake Update (there have been several updates to GAIM)?

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    i have gaim running in 4 different os's Mepis, Ubuntu, Suse, and Windows and i know MSN messenger is flaky sometimes but i really haven't had trouble with AOL but i do have them all upgraded to the newest version of gaim. i'd try that before anything. you also might try upgrading kopete to the newest version i know there are older versions of it that had issues.
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    I had a similar problem in Gaim when i first tried to use it on MSN after installing MDV 05 LE. I updated it not long after, and i've had no problems since.

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    I am now using Gaim 2.0 on Windows and am having the same problem. I can only stay connected for about 15 minutes at a time. I have tried changing ports, and re-setting router settings, but this appears to be an incompatibility with Gaim. Any Ideas?

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