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    Mandriva Installation Hangs Unless using noauto flag

    Okay the installation of Mandriva 10.2 2005 LE hangs the system right after pressing "enter" to begin installation. The system locks up instantly >.<

    So if I press F1 for options and begin the installation like this
    "linux noauto"

    It will go through fine, but the problems begin immediatly once the installation start. It hangs on any attempt to detect USB mouse. So if I skip that and use a regular Ps2 mouse it is okay. Next step is Hard Drive initilization, this is where I get a HUGE list of disk driver interfaces to choose from... A HUGE list, none of which I recognize anything from.

    So how can I find out which drive interface to choose? I have a SATA HD
    What would be causing the auto detection to hang the system?

    Is there perhaps some other methods of installation?


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    I have tried everything...
    Unfortunatly I am not getting anywhere at all...

    I got a list of 100+ disk interfaces to choose from to get the HD setup I think.
    How do I find out which one to pick?

    I know my main HD is SATA

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    here is what i did cause i had the same prob with my laptop install try this

    when software boots from cd or dvd hit the f1 key then type this

    alt0 noauto

    and it should install fine that is what i had to do and as far as finding your hardware it should auto detect once you reboot after install.

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    @ Halsafar,
    do you have any raid partitions or anything? that list which comes down is for you to select your sata controller. see your motherboard documentation for more info as to which controller the card is using.
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    I got an HewlettePackard...
    I don't think they are nice enuf to provide the documents necessary to tell me wuts in my system.

    They weren't even nice enuf to include Restore CD's, WinXP CD... just a stupid Recovery Partition...

    I'll try the alt0 noauto mode, but I cannot get past the pick "disk driver interface"...

    As for choosing my type, I did take the time go through em all I believe... Each time I pick one, it asks if there are more, eventually it just says no disk drive found and lets me pick again... I tried all the SATA ones with no results.

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    hmm, you could always contact HP and ask them which sata controller they are using and select that one from the list. IIRC, the older versions of Mandrake (atleast till 10.1) asked you if you had a separate disk with drivers and whatnot for scsi or raid systems (in linux, a sata drive basicially appears as a scsi drive). You could always google the computer name and see what controller it has along with the driver for that controller.
    Life is complex, it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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