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Thread: mandriva ppc

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    mandriva ppc

    i know linux for the mac is not as common and perhaps more difficult to install, unfourtanely i have not even gotten to that stage yet. I have the iso and tried burning them using toast but for some reason it will not work when i try to boot using the cds. I do not belive it is corrupted i tried ubuntu as well and nothing. can anyone tell me what are some specific steps to burn iso using toast?


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    on many ppcs there is a button that has to be pressed upon boot to boot from cd...check what it is on your mac and use that...also, did you burn the file as a cd image?
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    re: burn ppc iso with toast

    TOPIC: How to burn a YDL ISO via Mac OS "Toast"

    This HOWTO is to guide the creation of a Yellow Dog Linux ISO on a Mac using Mac OS and "Toast" software. Works for other disto too.

    Let's get burning!
    After downloading your image into your MacOS (or OSX) desktop, do this:

    1. Make sure your blank CD-R is at least 670MB+ capacity.

    2. Check the size of the ISO by locating the ISO on the Mac OS desktop, hi-light it, and then:
    ... produces the filesize as follows (with the Dayton 2.3 as an example):

    Kind: ISO disk image
    Size: 646 MB on disk (667,478,400 bytes)

    3. Launch Toast. On the main and only window of the Toast "Titanium" application you are presented with the following icons of the Toaster Settings:

    Audio (to copy audio content)...
    Copy (to copy one disk onto another) ...
    ? (help)...

    4. Select Other

    5. Under Other or the next to the last icon on the toaster window we have the following choices available in this submenu:

    Video CD
    MP3 Disc
    Disk Image
    ISO 9660
    Custom Hybrid
    Enhanced Music CD
    Multitrack CD Rom XA
    Device Copy

    6. Select Disk Image (Notice it is NOT ISO 9660)

    7. You now have the following options: Select, Mount, and Burn.

    1. Select the downloaded "dayton-2.3-20020704-install.iso" image.
    2. Mount it (make certain it is mounted!).
    3. Record.

    And it is that simple. Don't you love your Mac, now ENJOY your YDL LINUX, the best is yet to come.

    This HOWTO was written by Sergio Valdes-Flores

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