Would like to boot into KDE desktop by default

Installed MDV 2005 community dwnload, everything smooth, during install chose KDE desktop and KDM login mgr. Upon reboot at end of install, was booted into GI.

This morning, am greeted by CL. Type in username, PW, then startx and KDE desktop appears. When shutting down am only given option of logout , returned to CL and there is an error message:

'failed to load module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a" (once only module)

Never had this happen with MDK 10.0

I have tried various settings in MCC for login mgr, but no luck.

1. Would like my old autologin and shutdown menu back.

2. Also, why was Koffice, tuxracer, and Dansguardian, (is squidguard comparable?) not on the CDs,

3. Am learning how to install software with rpms, but I notice different versions #s of an app. How do I determine (from the numbering?) if an app is for a certain release version of a distro. For example, tried to load Krusader (file mgr) but there was a dependency required that did not exist ( googled all over). Then found Krusader with a different build number and it loaded fine, but even if I remembered what the numbers were, I would never have understood what I was looking at.

Any help?